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We live and work in Chianti, in Tuscany, a place to be preserved. Ci we are committed to protecting nature by adopting important initiatives for climate change and for the conservation of the environment


Our road to zero emissions

Our strategy is based on three fundamental points:to reduce,avoidAndcompensate. Priority absolute isto reduceenergy consumption and emissions by improving our operational efficiency. Another priority,avoidemissions deriving from our processes using clean and renewable energy. Since 2019, 100% of our energy consumption comes from clean and certified renewable sources. Last point iscompensateoperational emissions that we are unable to reduce or avoid by supporting green development and conservation projects   (we are currently evaluating projects to invest in).

Reduce the production of waste

We are committed toto prevent,to reduce,  to recycleAndreuseat most all waste, whether they are produced in the production environment or by the offices. In particular, we are committed to the recovery of metals and packaging. We make our jewels using mostly recycled parts and for packaging we try to reuse the same elements several times, exchanging them with our suppliers.

Oceano inquinato di plastica

"Go to Green" our sustainable project

Sustainability strengthens our business​ giving meaning to what we do

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