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We strive to respect the entire production process, from the procurement of raw materials, to the creation of our jewelry. Craftsmanship, for Muba Gioielli, means social and environmental integration.

Anello in oro modellante


We only use eco brass with low lead and cadmium content, nickel free, according to the California regulations known as "Proposition 65".

Brass is a 100% recyclable material.

Circular Economy Opportunities

Circularity is an important way to improve the sustainability of our company: reducing waste and saving precious raw materials as our jewels are created to last over time and be regenerated. In the creation and realization phase of the new models we try to reuse or recycle the metal inventories in the process of manufacturing future products



Our commitment to responsible sourcing also applies to our packaging.  We only use recycled paper and we try to make our printing suppliers aware of being in possession of FSC certification. We have a goal by 2022 to eliminate the foam interior of the jewel boxes, to replace it with an environmentally sustainable material

"Go to Green" our sustainable project

Sustainability strengthens our business​ giving meaning to what we do

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