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Eco brass pin earrings with 24k gold or palladium plating, set with zircon


The joyselli della COLLECTIONLIGHT byMuba Jewelry, are a praise to the light that shines on the faces of each person, highlighted by the splendid zircons set in them.


  • Handle jewelry with care: pay particular attention not to drop them on the ground or hit them on hard surfaces. Keep them dry: remove your jewelery before washing and limit contact with make-up, creams, perfumes and lotions. Store your jewelry separately: Store jewelry individually in a jewelry box and keep them away from abrasive surfaces.Visit our blog article to learn more:Sanitize your DIY jewelry.

  • Brass is an oxidizable alloy composed of one part zinc and one part copper. Brass is one of the materials chosen to create hypoallergenic jewelery without nickel and lead.

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